Promise SuperTrak EX12350 don't get detected under FreeBSD 6.2

Göran Nilsson goran.nilsson at
Wed Dec 12 13:02:06 PST 2007

I have a problem getting my EX12350 Radicontroller to work under FreeBSD 6.2.
When i start the computer or rund a dmesg i can see that
"mass storage raid driver attached"
For what i can see this card should be supported under FreeBSD 6.1, but
could it be soo that the support is missing in 6.2? Any tips?
Should i try to go for the 6.3 RC1. I really need this card up and running,
i run it as a RAID 6. I have tried this with just the generic kernel,
So the most should be in there?

Ideas, is most appriciating, coz im kinda stuck.


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