Where is the next uid from adduser pulled from?

Andrew Pantyukhin infofarmer at FreeBSD.org
Wed Dec 12 10:04:58 PST 2007

On Wed, Dec 12, 2007 at 12:00:06PM -0500, Francisco Reyes wrote:
> I have scripts to add new users. However, after that any port that installs 
> a user creates it with a UID after the ones I made.
> For example I want all employees to have uids starting at 5000, but I would 
> like too port installed uids to be 2000 and up. After I add some users (ie 
> say last user is 5008), the next port that installs a user and doesn't 
> specify uid.. then will get 5009.
> Tried looking for the adduser program, but could not find adduser.c

It's pw(8) that selects default uids and it just takes the last
one (numerically) and uses the next one.

Create a placeholder user with uid 5000 and let ports use uids
5000+, but when creating new users, specify uids manually (both
pw and adduser allow that).

Good luck!

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