will freebsd run on apple intel xserve

Jason Joines joines at okstate.edu
Wed Dec 12 08:30:11 PST 2007

     I'm a Linux guy who has inherited some apple xserve boxes. 
Surprisingly I've discovered that I really hate os x.  For the intel 
xserve boxes, Linux isn't an option.  The CPUs are amd64 architecture. 
The EFI capable Linux bootloader, has had beta support for amd64 since 
July.  However, the Linux kernel just got support to boot via EFI and 
amd64 in a release candidate patch this month.  It'll probably be quite 
a while before a distribution has an installer with what I need.

     At any rate, I've always wanted to try one of the BSDs.  Will 
FreeBSD install on an apple intel xserve?  If not does anyone know if 
another BSD or some other open source NIX will work?

Jason Joines

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