still no luck in coping a 6 G dvd to a 4.7 dvd.

John Nielsen lists at
Wed Dec 12 08:20:15 PST 2007

Quoting Gary Kline <kline at>:
> On Tue, Dec 11, 2007 at 11:28:10AM +0100, Michel Talon wrote:
>> Gary Kline wrote:
>> > Guys, I've set up a test account which is pure KDE.  Still, using both
>> > my Pioneer and the Lite-on burners, no luck in burning a DVD that is
>> > larger than thee default.
>> How do want this to work? You have to recompress the initial DVD stream,
>> and for that there is an excellent program to run under your KDE account
>> (k9copy).
> 	i don't seem too get very far with k9copy. I have two burners,
> 	and can open either device. I had it set to read from cd0 and
> 	wwrite to cd1. The app reports that there is no documentation
> 	available for k9copy.  Is there a front commmand string I can use
> 	here?  Or online docs?

FWIW the most useful howto on DVD backup techniques I've ever seen is here:

It says it's for Linux but all of the programs needed are available in 
FreeBSD's ports tree. It's command-line based, but parts of it could be 
scripted, etc.

One additional note on the original ripping phase: I find tccat to be 
more reliable than vobcopy, although with some DVD's it makes sense to 
try both. And vobcopy is better at guessing which title is the feature 
if there is more than one.


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