How do I use my USB microphone and motherboard audio out?

Watanabe Kazuhiro CQG00620 at
Wed Dec 12 07:38:32 PST 2007


At Tue, 11 Dec 2007 22:16:58 -0800,
Rudy wrote:
> > After reading some more man pages, I am still stumped but can better 
> > phrase my question:
> >  how do I set dsp0.0 as the default OUPUT and dsp1.1 as the default INPUT?
> > 
> > Rudy
> > 
> >> here is the output of /dev/sndstat
> >> FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm: 32bit 2007061600/i386)
> >> Installed devices:
> >> pcm0: <NVidia MCP51 High Definition Audio Controller> at memory 
> >> 0xfe024000 irq 21 kld snd_hda [20071129_0050] [MPSAFE] (1p:1v/1r:1v 
> >> channels duplex default)
> >> pcm1: <USB Audio> at ? kld snd_uaudio [GIANT] (0p:0v/1r:1v channels)
> >>         mode 1:(input) 1ch, 16/16bit, pcm, 8000,11025,22050,44100,48000Hz
> Anyone know how do do this, or should I try freebsd-multimedia or something like that?
> ... on other OS'es I've seen ways to define a default microphone when a machine has two 
> microphones.  Can't seem to figure that out in BSD (I can assign a default pcm device, but my pcm1 
> doesn't have output...

Audacity will be able to specify a different dsp device for the
recording and playback device via the "Audacity Preferences" panel
("Edit" -> "Preferences" -> "Audio I/O"); e.g. /dev/dsp0 for playback,
and /dev/dsp1 for recording.

Have you tried such configulation?
Watanabe Kazuhiro (CQG00620 at

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