How to replace two strings in a file in the same time with sed command ?

Tino Engel elrap at
Tue Dec 11 13:21:21 PST 2007

Halid Faith schrieb:
> Ok
> But I have another problem,
> I couldn't use any command  interior of sed command. That's to say I have a
> script;
> yy="file5"
>  for i in `cat file1`;
>  do
>  sed -e 's/old1/new1\ \'$i'/g' -e 's/old2/'cut -d, -f 1 ${yy}'/g'   file2 >
> file3
>  done
> When I run the script,  I get an error, due to using cut command
For using environment variables in sed, you have to use # instead of /


sed s#OLD#${VAR}#g file1

Will replace OLD by TEXT. Do not use quotations here...
Rg, Tino

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