copying DVD material :: somewhat OT.

Chris Whitehouse cwhiteh at
Tue Dec 11 12:06:35 PST 2007

Predrag Punosevac wrote:

> Any video posted on Youtube will work for youtube-dl . It will snap the 
> file in .flv format which can be player only with VLC and MPlayer. 
> Nothing else. Clive is capable of snapping videos from Google video as 
> well and has an additional capabilities to converting
> .flv files to more friendly video formats like .MPG
> So what do you think? That I can not watch YouTube because I use 
> FreeBSD? Funny...

/me laughs

But seriously yes I have to confess that in certain respects I do have 
that expectation of FreeBSD. It's not about what it can do it's about 
what people want to make it do. If I don't have ability/time/impetus to 
make it do something I accept it and I am very grateful for the 
solutions posted here.

Sorry, really OT.


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