How to install FreeBSD remotely from Debian Linux Environment?

Yves Vogl yves.vogl at
Tue Dec 11 10:37:58 PST 2007


I tried to install FreeBSD from an existing Debian 4.0 Linux  
installation with "Depenguinator 1.1".
Depenguinator failed due to a wide range of incompatibilities caused  
by gcc-4.0 and the beta code used in Depenguinator.
Next I built an image under my local Mac OS X 10.5 with QEMU - but the  
next step would have been to copy the image via dd to harddisk of the  
remote server.
The problem is that Linux doesn't support ufs and the additional ufs- 
tools either won't compile because of gcc-4.0, current Linux kernel  
etc. .
I don't have the possibility to use KVM-over-Ethernet - but I can ask  
a technician to boot from a CD-ROM. The problem here is that the  
neither the bootonly.iso or one of the others automatically start SSH  
and connect via DHCP… don't they?

So... is there another way to start a remote installation?

Best Regards,

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