Connecting networks

Alaor Barroso de Carvalho Neto alaorneto at
Tue Dec 11 10:26:57 PST 2007

here's my netstat-r output:

Routing tables

Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Expire
default UGS 0 4 xl0
10.10/16 link#4 UC 0 0 xl2
localhost localhost UH 0 0 lo0
192.168.1 link#2 UC 0 0 xl0
zion.administrativ 00:00:54:19:e7:9a UHLW 1 16 xl0 1151 00:0e:a6:60:cb:24 UHLW 2 0 xl0 904
192.168.2 link#3 UC 0 0 xl1 00:e0:7d:07:8c:cd UHLW 1 6 xl1 1143
200.252.164 link#1 UC 0 0 em0


I have 4 network cards, em0 is connected to the external world (not yet),
the xl0 is connected to my private network 192.168.1 with the ip, the xl1 is connectedto another private network 192.168.2 with
the ip and the xl3 is connected to other school network
10.10.0with the ip, what I want know is that a machine A in network 192.168.2, with
a ip, for example, could ping to a machine B in the network
192.168.1, with the ip, for example, And it's not working. My
pf firewall just pass all. In rc.conf I just set gateway_enable="YES" and
configured the networks interfaces.

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