fsck of big disk

Javier Martín Rueda jmrueda at diatel.upm.es
Tue Dec 11 06:01:25 PST 2007

Valerio Daelli wrote:
> Hi list
> we have a freshly installed FreeBSD 6.2 machine with a gstriped external disk,
> of 5.3Tb. The disk is composed of two slices of 2.6 Tb.
> We are trying to have a (background) fsck of it but few hours later
> since the start of the check
> the host get unresponsive: it responds to ping but it doesn't let
> login anyone, nor by ssh
> nor by console.
What do you get if you press Control-T on the console when it is 

When you do a background fsck there is a point at which a snapshot of 
the filesystem is taken, although I'd say that happens at the beginning 
of the check. The problem is that with 5.3 Tb, it may take quite a while 
to take the snapshot, and during that time the system blocks any process 
that tries to write to the filesystem. Maybe that's what you are 

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