Connecting networks

Alaor Barroso de Carvalho Neto alaorneto at
Tue Dec 11 05:29:30 PST 2007

Hi guyz, it's me again. I think I don't know what I'm doing, so I ask for
help. I have three private networks(192.168.1, 10.10.0, 192.168.2) and a
link to the external world 200.212.X, what I want to do is that my FreeBSD
connect all the networks to the external world and the 192.168.1 to the
10.10.0, so a machine in 192.168.1 would ping to a machine in 10.10.0. I
have a brand new copy of freebsd in my machine, I just configured the four
interfaces in rc.conf, that's all I did. gateway_enable is set to true.
The interfaces are connected to each network. What's the next step?

Alaor Neto
CEFET Campos/UNED Macaé
Coordenação de Tecnologia da Informação
(22) 9217-3198 / (22) 2773-6530 ramal 2035

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