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Sun Dec 9 16:11:22 PST 2007

On Sun, Dec 09, 2007 at 11:57:18PM +0000, Chris Whitehouse wrote:
> Predrag Punosevac wrote:
>> My Dear Friend,
>> You will have to wait for a very long time then since all of the above 
>> except Flash (which Adobe does release for Linux but not for FreeBSD) 
>> works flawlessly on FreeBSD including watching YouTube (just use 
>> youtube-dl to snap the video and play with VLC). There are even 
>> alternative solutions for the Flash unless you want to play video games 
>> full of Flash!
> I tried youtube-dl but every url I tried gave
> youtube-dl: No match.
> eg
> %youtube-dl
> youtube-dl: No match.

To get that example to work try:

youtube-dl ''

instead.  The quote marks are important, because otherwise the shell
will try to interpret the "?" in the URL as a wildcard and try to do wildcard
expansion as if it was a filename.  It is the shell (not youtube-dl)
which gives the error message, when it cannot find any file that matches.

This is nothing specific to youtube-dl.  It is just the way most shells
under Unix work.  If you do not want the shell to try to interpret any
'funny' characters in an argument to the command you need to enclose the
argument in quote marks.

> I even installed the latest version.
> Do only certain videos work? Do you have an example that works?
> Thanks and apologies for hijacking your thread.

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