help wanted configuring HPLIP

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Sat Dec 8 16:59:56 PST 2007

Robert Huff writes:

>  	So it looks like I'm good. Now we'll see if HPLIP can do its
>  job.

	So close, and yet so far.
	Ran hp-setup.  Everything worked OK except for:

	1) didn't automatically find the correct driver (is it supposed
	2) found the device when I checked "discover all", but not when
		I checked only "scan to PC".

	However, the real obstacle is:

Dec  8 19:50:17 jerusalem PSC_750xi?serial=MY22KD1108WB: io/hpmud/musb.c 1003: unable to open hp:/usb/PSC_750xi?serial=MY22KD1108WB

	I'm assuming this is because I haven't rebooted and the devfs
rules haven't changed.  Is there an approved way to get the
appropriate party to re-read and implement?

			Robert Huff

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