LPRng question and printing in general

Predrag Punosevac punosevac at math.arizona.edu
Sat Dec 8 13:07:13 PST 2007

I would like to ask people who use  LPRng spooling system on FreeBSD to 
clarify something for me.

I have been playing with all available spooling systems on FreeBSD (LPD, 
LPRng,  CUPS , PDQ) as well as HPLIP in order to document
their behavior and write simple howtos for each of the systems.

However I kept getting into the trouble with LPRng. Namely, I could not 
get past the following message

Lp at localhost -cannot open connection - No such file or directory
Make sure the remote host supports the LPD protocol

Is that the famous conflict with the native LPD supporting RFC1179 
printing. How do people resolve this conflict in practice?

I also noticed that PDQ project is completely abandoned by its creator. 
Also LPRng was  abandoned by its creator in 2005 and then picked by
somebody else. I wander what is the state of ifhp filter which is used 
by default by LPRng. As it is a hardware based project and there are so
many printers that were manufactured in the mean time I wander if the 
system is still usable in real life.

Is FreeBSD printing essentially reduced to LPD+apsfilter for small to 
medium print networks and CUPS for  very complex  printing  networks  
or  LPRng  is alive and well.

I tried to get into LPRng mailing lists but they seems are not active 
any more.


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