FreeBSD 6.2 inside VMWare Fusion ?

Doug Poland doug at
Sat Dec 8 11:15:09 PST 2007

On Fri, Dec 07, 2007 at 02:38:31PM +0000, Michael Doyle wrote:
> On 6 Dec 2007, at 15:47, Doug Poland wrote:
> >Michael Doyle wrote:
> >>Has anyone got FreeBSD 6.2 to load as a guest OS in VMWare Fusion  
> >>on a new MacBook Pro ?
> >>
> >I have been running 6.2 on an iMac since early betas of VMWare Fusion
> >
> >>If so, could they give me pointers on what I need to do, since I  
> >>have tried this and failed.
> >>
> >Could you give some specific error messages?
> I start a new Virtual Machine, select FreeBSD as the OS, FreeBSD 6 as
> the specific version (from the VM Ware Fusion menus)
> Then insert a FreeBSD 6.2 install disk in the drive and run through
> the setup process.  Select use entire disk, no boot manager, ....
> install the "Developer" package, no additional packages... the install
> runs to completion.
> However, when, after installing the OS, I let the virtual machine
> reboot, it hangs after the POST without displaying the FreeBSD
> hardware probe messages.  No errors, nothing. It doesn't even get as
> far as the menu where you  select normal, or acpi disabled, etc.
> I downloaded an image created by someone else of a VMWare Workstation
> image, and that runs on my Mac under VMWare Fusion,  but I am unable
> to compile and  install VMWare Tools ("make all" succeeded, but "make
> install" failed with a file not found  error...)
> If you like I can copy/paste those errors in a seperate email. I don't
> understand why I cannot create my own bootable VMWare image though ?
That is strange.  For testing, I just built a new VM using,

  VMWare Fusion v1.0 (51384)
  Mac OS X 10.5.1
  PC-BSD 1.4

All went as expected.  VMWare Fusion even survived the OS mirgration
from 10.4 to 10.5.  My only suggestions at this point would be...

* Try another OS as a guest, see if you get similar results
* Re-install VMWare Fusion
* Check the VMWare forums for similar issues.
* Purchage the latest Fusion version

Hope that helps...


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