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Aaron Sink asink at
Fri Dec 7 09:03:57 PST 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

 Thank you for considering our firm in representing your products in the
Federal Marketplace.  Autonomic Resources is an 8a Firm - this
designation is very favorable to you as Federal buyers are encouraged to
spend $$ with 8a firms over all others - In addition they can "sole
source" purchases to so - preventing the need to do competitive bidding!
We are one of only 7 firms involved with the DoD Data At Rest SmartBUY
BPA - lending great exposure to us from ALL Federal Agencies (DoD,
Civilian as well as State & Local). 


We have established reseller agreements with Open Source integration
solutions - like RedHat, Centeris, and Atta2d - your products will fit
very well in the family of products  Our company possesses Top Secret
Clearance  - this  opens up "Black" organizations to our products and
services. These agencies like FBI, NRO, NSA have been early adopters of
open source.


We are very interested in working with your company to create a mutually
profitable relationship. I'd to setup a conference call for us to


Thanks - Aaron




Best Regards,


M. Aaron Sink 

Federal Business Development Manager

Autonomic Resources <>   

866-232-9788 x5493 (tel)

919-653-5599 (fax)

919-201-0527 (cell)


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