FreeBSD on a PC with Windows

David Morton totoaus at
Fri Dec 7 04:36:41 PST 2007

I have been out of work so long (since being diagnosed as autistic and
scared) that even as an IT professional, I now get very anxious about
messing with my PC.

However, I got a magazine that included FreeBSD/i386 6.2 on the DVD and I
have always wanted to play with BSD.  My past experience included UNIX
System V, some Solaris 7 or 8, and other variants, so you know a bit of

Anyway, I have a laptop preinstalled with Vista Home Premium and I would
like to also run BSD on it.  In reading your installation documentation, I
do not see anything that suggests I can install FreeBSD onto my PC without
wiping Windows.

I also have restricted web access so cannot access you web site, so I would
like to know if FreeBSD will install in a way that will not kill Windows on
my PC?

I have to ask this, because I once had an old PC and put Solaris on it, and
that required a dedicated drive.  The PC is now dead, so I have to make it
all work on one machine.

Thanks, David

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