enabling if_bridge STP

Silver Salonen silver.salonen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 01:06:48 PST 2007

On Thursday 06 December 2007 17:00, Nikos Vassiliadis wrote:
> On Thursday 06 December 2007 15:37:21 Silver Salonen wrote:
> > In my case there's a straight connection between bridge1 
> > and bridge2 too, so that they don't have to communicate through
> > root-bridge.
> Yes, but that also can create a loop and according to STP must be
> eliminated.
> Perhaps you can use some inventive IP addressing scheme, to force
> direct communication... some ifconfig option(the edge option?) to
> force forwarding... a tunnel... or some other weirdness(TM) ;)

Well, I just discovered STP, so I might expect too much from it.

I thought that in my scenario (circular VPNs), STP would just discover what's 
the shortest way (ie. whitch VPN-connection to go) from 192.168.1/24 to 
192.168.2/24, from 192.168.1/24 to 192.168.3/24, from 192.168.2/24 to 
192.168.3/24 etc, and then just lets all the packets (including layer 2 ones) 
pass the right bridge, and block them on other bridges, eliminating 
possibility for loops. If it's not what STP does, then I'm a little confused, 
what does STP do.


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