Freebsd filesystem ( hard reboot )

Randy Ramsdell rramsdell at
Thu Dec 6 09:50:58 PST 2007

Robert Huff wrote:
> Randy Ramsdell writes:
>>  > What is the value of background_fsck in /etc/rc.conf ?
>>  >   
>>  This isn't set. Was is supposed to be? So far, I have only
>>  installed applications we need. And everything seem fine except
>>  the reboot issue.
> 	I'm going to jump in here.
> 	Based on what you've said, it sounds like:
> 	the system was running
> 	there was power outage, the system did not have a UPS
> 	when the system rebooted, fsck complained but nothing was done
> 		about the errors
Let me clarify. All our servers are on UPSes, however the power outage 
outlasted the UPSes. That is why I stated prolonged power outage.
Fsck did complain, but everything was fixed as I sat there and dealt 
with it. We do not want to deal with it in an offsite location and that 
is why this thread.

> 		... then the "seems" in your description is applicable,
> and should be a red flag.  
> 	Get someone to the system, reboot it into single user mode, and
> run (and re-run) fsck until it runs without error.  (Answer 'y' to
> all prompts.) This should be done whenever the file system is not
> shutdown cleanly.
The filesystem is fine. Our set up just does not recover gracefully on 
hard reboots.
> 	(And consider a UPS, even it it only keeps the system alive for
> the few minutes necessary for a clean shutdown.)
> 	Is a dirty file system causing the reboots?  
No. a power prolonged power failure caused the last  shutdown.
> Possibly; wiser
> heads than mine would have to lay out scearios.  But it may also be
> responsible for other damage, more subtle but equally unpleasant.  A
> fix is available.  Use it.
> 	I understand this will not be easy, and I sympathize.  Balance
> that pain against the small but non-trivial chance to catastrophic
> data loss, and choose wisely.
> 					Robert Huff

Thanks for the reply.

I think I will just set the rc.conf variable to answer "Y" to fsck 
questions unless there is a better way.
A side note, this system has been hard shutdown two times and each time 
required intervention. We also use several Linux system ( reiserfs and 
ext3 ) and raely do I have to interact with the systems on reboot. There 
is a differnce and I am in the fisrt stages trying to understand this.

PS. I am confused about why so many people are replying to the list and 
my personal e-mail. This one was sent to me only. Others were sent to me 
and the list. Actually, every other reply. Is this normal for the list 
as I am new as of today?

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