Determining bus speed/memory

Derek Ragona derek at
Thu Dec 6 09:41:19 PST 2007

At 09:20 AM 12/6/2007, Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
>I have a couple of servers (5.5 and 6.2) at a remote location that I
>need to order additional memory. I need to know bus speed and, if
>possible, how many chips currently installed to help determine whether I
>need to replace or match and fill available slots. For instance, I know
>one server has 1GB of mem, but do I have two 512MB or a single 1GB chip
>in place now. Can someone tell me the commands to determine either of
>these things?
>Thanks in advance!

If you know the motherboard maker and model, you can check either their 
website or one of the ram maker's sites.  Most of the RAM manufacturer's 
offer an online catalog, you can look up compatible memory there.

If you want to boot a window's compatible CD on the system you can run 
cpu-z available from:

This application gives detailed information on the entire system.


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