Freebsd filesystem ( hard reboot )

Randy Ramsdell rramsdell at
Thu Dec 6 08:42:24 PST 2007

Vince wrote:
> Randy Ramsdell wrote:
>> We started using FreeBSD for some network monitoring, but have found
>> that a hard reboot forces us to answer filesytem questions on boot. Is
>> there a way to mount each filesystem without this? Or how can we use
>> FreeBSD in a remote location without needing to intervene in
>> situatutions like this?
> This is unusual in my experience, part of the charm of FreeBSD for me is
> how rarely I have had to interact with fsck thanks to the whole
> background fsck thing. What version of FreeBSD are you using?
> Assuming a 5.x or later since you say you've started to use FreeBSD.
I am fairly sure it is v6.2
> What is the value of background_fsck in /etc/rc.conf ?
This isn't set. Was is supposed to be? So far, I have only installed 
applications we need. And everything seem fine except the reboot issue. 
This will be an offsite system so I do not want human intervention on 
boot for power outages or hard reboots.
> You can also try setting fsck_y_enable="YES" in rc.conf (this will do
> fsck -y if the initial preen fails.)
I will use this. Do you mean by try, that this will work? I assume so.

Thanks Vince!

Oh, Is there a way to not receive 2 messages for every reply to this thread?

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