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> Bill Moran wrote:
>> Huh?
> The figure for PC-BSD in November was 6551.  When I checked earlier this
> evening, it was 1997.  I suppose this does NOT mean that 4554 PC-BSD
> users have kicked the bucket.  Probably, it means that many PC-BSD
> systems have not YET reported to bsdstats in December.  I think this way
> of doing it does not serve the following purpose:
>> The mission of this site is to compile semi-accurate numbers for
>> advocacy and marketing of the *BSD operating systems.
> For the fulfillment of this noble mission, it would be better to display
> statistics for the last complete month to casual visitors.  If people
> want to see running counters, this could be done on a different page.

Actually, what we should do is put a 'History' page off that main one that 
expands that chart to include the previous two or three months, as well as this 
one ... would be easier/faster to implement then a graph too ...

Antony?  Have a couple of minutes to whip that together?  Maybe do it similar 
to the countries page, but instead of listing countries, list month/year? 
maybe go back 6 months?

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