more then 2G shm on RELENG_7

Mark Tinguely tinguely at
Wed Dec 5 09:01:04 PST 2007

on  Wed Dec  5 12:11:15 2007, Gergely Czuczy asks:
>  I'm to test PostgreSQL on a 7-BETA3. The box has 12GB of memory in it,
>  I've adjusted the sysctls, but postgresql always fails to allocate the
>  SHM if it's bigger then 2GB.
>  How can I make it to allocate more SHM than 2G at once?
>  sysctl.conf:
>  kern.ipc.shmall=3D1572864
>  kern.ipc.shmmax=3D6442450944
>  kern.ipc.semmap=3D1024
>  kern.ipc.shm_use_phys=3D1
>  /boot/loader.conf:
>  zfs_load=3D"YES"
>  vm.kmem_size=3D"1073741824"
>  vm.kmem_size_max=3D"1073741824"
>  kern.ipc.semmni=3D1024
>  kern.ipc.semmns=3D2048
>  kern.ipc.semmnu=3D1024
>  I've also hit a similar issue with qemu, but that wasn't shared memory,
>  I had just tried to make it allocate more than 2GBs for a single vm, but
>  that also failed. Still haven't figured out why was that.

Is this an i386 or amd64 arch?

What is the returned error code? (this might tell a lot).

I notice that the allocation size for the syscall is an "int".

--Mark Tinguely.

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