SAS RAID support

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Wed Dec 5 08:27:46 PST 2007

I'm in need to replace an old SCSI-RAID5 based server, and I'm thinking 
about switching to a SAS RAID5.

The hardware offers I've had right now are:

_ an Intel S3000AHLX based server with a SRCSAS144E controller;
_ an Intel S5000PSLSAS based server with an "Activation Key" module (to 
get SAS RAID5).

Any info on driver support?
Right now I'm using 6.1/amd64, but can easily upgrade to 6.2 (or even 
better if needed).

  bye & Thanks

P.S.1 Should this belong to freebsd-scsi?
P.S.2 OT: anyone know if I can plug a Tekram DC-315U into a PCI-X slot?
P.S.3 Both boards feature two Intel Pro/1000 NICs. Do they work well 
with FreeBSD?

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