./configure question for AIX

Derek Ragona derek at computinginnovations.com
Wed Dec 5 04:07:40 PST 2007

At 01:05 AM 12/5/2007, Rogelio wrote:
>I have a question on compiling Nagios' NRPE on AIX (which I'm assuming
>would be similar to FreeBSDl, as I'm trying to use Autotools on ksh).
>I'm used to always running "tar -zxfv file.tar.gz", but this time I
>had to run (I think) like "tar z" and then "tar xfv" to get it
>In that directory, I then ran "./configure" and then "make all", and
>I'm hoping someone here might help point me in the right direction.
>./configure --prefix=/opt/nagios --enable-command-args --without-ssl
>make install
>When I do this, I get an error about "Boutell's GD library is required
>to compile the statusmap, trends and histogram CGIs.  Get it from
>http://www.boutell.com/gd/, compile
>it, and use the --with-gd-lib and --with-gd-inc arguments to specify
>the locations of the GD library and include files."
>Ok, that's cool.  But am I on the right track about how to install
>this on AIX? Once I installed this GD library and "./configure" with
>the right parameters, will this work in AIX?
>(Sorry if this isn't the best place to ask this question, as I tend to
>be spoiled by Linux packages.  If not, I can take it elseware)

It has been a while since I have done this on AIX, but you just need to 
check the directory structure is going to be correct.  Typically I will run 
configure and check to see what variables are set for the install 
directories, and possibly set those differently if configure did not find 
the correct directories or if I need them set differently.  Often this may 
mean moving the install directories to or from the /usr/local area.

You may do well to look for pre-compiled binaries for AIX.  Also let me 
remind you that you could gunzip the .gz file first, then just untar the 
tarball in two steps, rather than doing it in one step.


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