looking for online text editor

Olivier Mueller om-lists-bsd at omx.ch
Tue Dec 4 13:13:08 PST 2007

Le 4 déc. 07 à 21:09, David Banning a écrit :

>>> mindterm-ssh. Is there some plain text editor program
>>> out there that will allow me to simply login and edit my files in
>>> plain text - (not a gui html editor) ?
>> ...You can't just SSH into your box and use vim?
> Let's say I'm in a library in some remote town. The only SSH I know
> that is web loadable is mindterm-ssh, but that runs on java. If java  
> is
> blocked on the local box then I'm SOL. No?

Then the last solution is to use ajaxterm...  Doesn't require any  
extension like java:  http://anthony.lesuisse.com/qweb/trac/wiki/AjaxTerm

Of course it's recommanded to access it via https...


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