Problem with wireless on 7.0 BETA3...

Peter Harrison peter.piggybox at
Tue Dec 4 12:38:25 PST 2007

I've just installed 7.0-BETA3 on my laptop. It was running 6-STABLE, but rather than buildworld etc. I opted for a fresh install from CD (subsequently updated to catch the security notification).

It's a cheap Dell Inspiron and doesn't come with wireless, so I use an Asus WL-167g USB adaptor, which is supported  natively by the ural driver.

This line from rc.conf would initialise the network on 6-STABLE:

ifconfig_ural0="inet netmask ssid ???? channel 11 wepmode on wepkey 1:0x?????????????????????????? deftxkey 1"

I have the router set to use WEP (ural didn't support WPA in 6-*) and not to broadcast the ssid.

After installing 7.0 it took over an hour of experimenting to get the network back up. I eventually had ifconfig showing all the correct setting, but still failing to associate. After much fiddling I set the router to broadcast the ssid and changed the ifconfig line to:

ifconfig_ural0="inet  netmask  ssid ????  bssid 00:14:bf:94:1e:75  channel 11  wepmode on wepkey 0x??????????????????????????  deftxkey 1"

I found that if I didn't put the options in just the right order, it wouldn't pick up the right settings.

Can anyone shed any light on what I did wrong? Or how I can get 7.0 to connect without having to broadcast my ssid to the world?

Thanks for your help.

Peter Harrison.

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