mfsroot issues

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Tue Dec 4 03:34:31 PST 2007


I'm trying to set up a TinyBSD mfsroot image with which to upgrade a
machine remotely. I've run into a few problems along the way, though.

First of all, I cannot seem to get the kernel to use the preloaded
mfsroot as the root device as long as the boot disk's /etc/fstab has a
root listed. It will always use what's listed in the boot disk's fstab,
despite settings in loader.conf. Am I missing something? (rootdev="md0"
or "/dev/md0" or "ufs:/dev/md0" or...)

Second, gzipped mfsroots seem to be corrupt when loaded, but fine when
used uncompressed. Does the loader need special compile or runtime
options to properly understand and expand gzipped mfsroots?

The mfsroot is a naked UFS filesystem image, without slice table or

FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p7 (TISA) #0: Sun Sep 30 03:43:30 CDT 2007


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