Can I install Free BSD latest version on my laptop with dual boot?

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Tue Dec 4 03:12:53 PST 2007

thank you

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03/12/2007 09:59 PM
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On Mon, Dec 03, 2007 at 02:26:07PM -0500, Chess Griffin wrote:

> Jerry McAllister wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> Can I install Free BSD latest version on my laptop with dual boot 
> >> Vista + Free BSD), my system configuration details are as follows
> > 
> > Probably.   You will have to divide your hard disk.
> > I have successfully been doing that will Partition Magic (7.0) but 
> > got V 8.0 and found it to be completely inadequate - the CD wouldn't 
> > correctly it seems to have errors in the scripts and it would not talk 
> > my USB drive which I wanted to divide up - the reason for going to 
> > So, I am not sure which utility to recommend for dividing the disk.
> > If it is FAT, then a couple of free utilities come with FreeBSD that 
> > work (I haven't tried them), but if it is NTFS, then they will not 
work and
> > you will need to get something else.   Partition Magic 7.0 will work
> > fine, but I don't know where you would get a copy nowdays.
> > There is another utility out there called 'Partition Commander'  I 
> > used it, but might, after I get my PM 8.0 mess cleared up.
> There are also some good Linux-based Live CD's that are essentiall
> Partition Magic clones, one is GParted Live CD and the other is Parted
> Magic.  They are very small iso's that pretty much just have a small
> window manager and some sort of disk partitioning tool like parted.  I
> have used them to partition disks with great success.

I knew there were some others out there now, but haven't had
time to go looking.   The free ones that come with FreeBSD are OK
too except they don't work with NTFS type slices and that is what
you get with most new machines nowdays.   If you want to keep that
NTFS system, then you have to get a utility that will work with it.

Thanks for the pointers,


> Good luck!
> Chess
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> Chess Griffin
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