How to stop screen from resizing my window??

Philip Hallstrom freebsd at
Mon Dec 3 19:17:58 PST 2007

>> I connect to a FreeBSD server from OSX (via iTerm).  I then start up
>> screen.
>> And it resizes my windows to 80 characters wide.  This doesn't happen on
>> linux.
>> My understanding is this has something to do with the termcap entry and
>> 'WS', but as far as I can tell that isn't being set anywhere.
>> Also the -A option to screen doesn't seem to do anything either.
>> Anyone have any ideas?  Googling for "screen resize window" doesn't get me
>> very far :(
> In iTerm, select Bookmarks > Manage Profiles.  In the Terminal Profile you 
> are using to connect, check the Disable session-initiated window resizing 
> checkbox.

Woot!  I would never have thought to look there... you've made my day. 
Thanks Jim!

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