xorg on ATI Mobility Radeon X600

Steven Friedrich StevenFriedrich at InsightBB.com
Mon Dec 3 15:05:35 PST 2007

I'm running the latest xorg release available in FreeBSD ports 
collection. I have several computers and had quite a bit of trouble 
making the transition to the modular xorg release.  I believe my laptop 
made it thru the modular updagrade but has since stopped working.  I 
have tried to re-install xorg from the ports collection as well as 
installing a fresh copy on another drive partition.  I also installed a 
fresh copy of FreeBSD 6.2 and it works.  My laptop is an HP zd8215us.  
It uses an ATI Mobility Radeon X600. Is it a known problem with this 
video chip to be not working under the latest xorg release?

Steven Friedrich
Louisville, KY 40216

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