Any experience using cellphone as a modem on FreeBSD?

Josh Paetzel josh at
Mon Dec 3 12:32:26 PST 2007

On Monday 03 December 2007 02:08:52 pm Yuri wrote:
> I have Motorola cellphone with data package on it and FreeBSD laptop.
> It would be very nice to have internet everywhere.
> Anybody uses/used cellphone this way?
> I know internet connectivity can go through the special cable and maybe
> through Bluetooth.
> I guess from FreeBSD side it should look like USB modem.
> Thanks,
> Yuri

I've done it, and it's painful....took me the better part of two days to get 
working.  The main sticking points are you need to dial some arbitrary number 
that your provider won't be able to tell you without spending 5 hours on the 
phone, and you need to know your username (relatively easy to find) and your 
password (harder than hell to find).

Once you have all that figured out, AND you've made sure your data plan 
includes "Phone as Modem" capability, you can link to it with bluetooth and 
then dial out over it with PPP.

mmmm, that reminds me, the ppp chat script was fairly hard to figure out too.


Josh Paetzel

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