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> Hello
> How is it going.
> I'm geting ready to go over to Iraq on Dec 6th.
> I've used Linux for a few years now. A frind of mine sead that he would set up a laptop for me with FreeBSD as soon as I pick one up.  I will not use MicroSoft WinBlows
> I looking to do mostly games on it but I'll also use it for the net and other things.
> If you were me what laptop would you look for. I'm thinking of the P4 type mabe a dule cord, around $700 to $1000 on ebay.
> If you need to get ahold of my here is 2 e-mail address:
> james.pandy at
> lonewolfen359 at

I have a Thinkpad T42 and X40, both of which run FreeBSD 7.0-BETA3
extremely well.  The Atheros wifi cards in both machines are also well

Good luck-

Chess Griffin
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