CD Audio on D975XBX2 mobo

Tino Engel elrap at
Sun Dec 2 04:13:27 PST 2007

jvk-list at schrieb:
>    [1]jvk-list at schrieb:
>    > I bought the board without looking at the audio parts, because
>    "every"
>    > board has a CD in port. Turns out this one doesn't, it uses digital
>    > CD Audio and doesn't use the connector anymore
>    >
>    ([1][2]
>    htm
>    > ). Are there any options for playing CDs with FBSD on this board? I
>    > can rip the disk to MP3, then play that; but are there any ways to
>    > just play the disk?
>    >
>    >
>    As long as you can rip it to mp3, you should be able to play it with
>    e.g. vlc or any other cd player.
>    Rg, Tino
>    I figured that would work, was kind of wondering if there were any
>    players that would play directly from the CD reading the digital data
>    instead of through the analog audio output.
>    Joe.
> References
>    1.
>    2.
I don't really get the problem.
You only have a digital connection to your motherboard. Therefore, when 
you play the CD using player <X> it play from digital data.
Of course it has to convert to analog in order to play... ;-)
Or am I not getting you?


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