using dd to duplicate disks/partitions of slightly different sizes - works?

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Sat Dec 1 12:20:15 PST 2007

Steve Franks wrote:
> I've got two 160GB disks.  Different manufacturers, so different #
> bytes.  One is FreeBSD, the other blank.  I'd like to backup my system
> for the fastest possible recovery after a crash - move the plug and
> power up.  I have gmirrored before, but I just wanted to do a quick
> dd, since I don't want to abuse my cheapo powersupply (has 4 disks
> already on it).
> Two questions:
> (1) If I dd from the smaller to the larger, will it work?  What
> happens to the extra, say 5MB of unused space - will my partition info
> be messed up?
> (2) If I dd from the larger to the smaller (df reports only 50% used
> anyway) is there a way to make sure there is no info in the 5MB at the
> end that will overflow the smaller, and again, will my partitions be
> ok?
> The other option is just to fdisk & label the other disk, then rsync
> everything to it.  Is that the wiser choice?
> Thanks,
> Steve

Giorgos Keramidas made a great post dealing with this
a while back.  Here 'tis, quoted for your enjoyment
and potential enlightenment (also quoted is Martin

>>      It turns out that dd defaults to 512-byte blocks so I didn't
>> really need the bs=512, but I am not sure I haven't made some other
>> type of mistake.  The dd command has been running for about 4 hours on
>> a very fast system, with a 1-gig processor, 1 gig of RAM and two 31-GB
>> drives.  One would think it should have finished by now, but it is
>> still running.  Is this a valid method of copying the entire contents
>> of one drive to another?  Thank you.

Bah!  That's too slow for my taste.  I would usually go for a newfs,
dump, and restore option.  For instance, to create a copy of /usr on a
second disk:

    newfs -U /dev/ad1s1a
    mount /dev/ad1s1a /mnt
    dump -0 -a -L /usr | ( cd /mnt ; restore ruvf - )

Copying with dd(1) is not as fast  :)

Kevin Kinsey
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