acx100 under 7.0-BETA3

Colin Brace cb at
Sat Dec 1 09:03:39 PST 2007

Hi all,

I have a wireless card with the Texas Instruments ACX 111 chipset that
appears to be supported by the acx100 driver.

However, when I run "make install" in /usr/ports/net/acx100, I get an error

$ sudo make install
===>  acx100-20040701_1 is marked as broken: Does not compile on FreeBSD >=
*** Error code 1

On the developers web page <>, he indicates
that it has been tested under CURRENT and source tarballs are available
dated 29 October.

What would be the best strategy at this point? Try to compile it outside the
port tree? Wait until the latter has been updated? Send a message to the


 Colin Brace

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