dump -L

Victor Sudakov sudakov at sibptus.tomsk.ru
Sun Aug 5 19:56:20 PDT 2007

Victor Sudakov wrote:
> I always use "dump -L" to dump a live filesystem.
> However, when I restore the dump, I sometimes get messages like 
> "foo.txt (inode 12345) not found on tape" or
> "expected next file 12345, got 23456" 
> I thought this should _never_ happen when dumping a snapshot.
> What is it?

Does nobody know the answer, or am I the only one experiencing the

Here is another example:

[root at big ~] restore -b64 -rN 
./spool/samba.lock/wins.dat: (inode 2829098) not found on tape
expected next file 267, got 4
expected next file 2828988, got 2828987

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