A good quiet power supply? (bought one...)

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Mon Apr 30 23:29:15 UTC 2007

At Mon, 30 Apr 2007 it looks like Chuck Swiger composed:

> Bill-Schoolcraft wrote:
>> Just got a new PC at home, it's noisy and was wondering if anyone can share 
>> some experience here.  I just read about a "fanless" power-supply and then 
>> realized I needed some input.
> It's possible to run systems which don't use enough power to need fans, but 
> you have to design the system accordingly using either underclocked 
> components or low-power/laptop-oriented CPU and video.  Most desktop systems 
> are going to run too hot without some form of active cooling.
> Also, you probably should start by opening the case and seeing what is making 
> all of the noise: it might be a CPU fan or even a chipset fan, and not the 
> PSU fan, which is causing most of the racket.
> For the PSU, good vendors include Antec, Foxconn, and Enermax...look for a 
> unit which has a single "smart" (thermally controlled) 120mm fan, as the 
> larger fan can run at a lower speed and still move enough air.

Thanks everyone for the help here, I've learned alot as a result.

After alot of reading reviews I took a drive at lunch and purchased
the following powersupply:


I will of view the interior of the case again with the above
mentioned "clues" in mind and see what can be unplugged.  It's a
simple single disk box, serving nothing, just in the bedroom.

Thanks Family :)

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