"BSDstats: Minor Update to Port ..."

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at raad.tartu.ee
Mon Apr 30 16:10:32 UTC 2007

Marc G. Fournier wrote:

> I've just made a slight change to the port so that it adds a bsdstats.sh script 
> to /usr/local/etc/rc.d that can be enabled in /etc/rc.conf so that it runs on 
> system reboot ...

So, do I understand it right that there is no harm in running the script 
several times a month (i.e. it doesn't increase the stats every time 
it's run)? So far I've been running the script manually at the beginning 
of each month on my home PC and been a bit nervous that I maybe spoil 
the stats accidentally...


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