No SMB/Samba support on Windows Home Editions

Steve Franks stevefranks at
Mon Apr 30 15:37:30 UTC 2007

> 1) Windows "Home" editions (including XP and Vista)
> have support for SMB protocol disabled in Active
> Directory Domain Connections functionality!
> Is this true?
> ...

I've been doing this for a long time (just not with Vista), but what
was said is just as true for XP, so I assume nothing further is
disabled in vista.

There's been alot of replies over the weeked, but I don't think any
cuts to the heart of the matter.

* They are just telling you you can't have a "domain" or "active
directory", we actually ran one for a while, and the maintenence cost
to keep the thing happy was one of the factors that made me learn

* When someone said 'peer to peer', I think they were really talking
about a "workgroup" as opposed to a domain - it's not really peer to
peer, afaik, but the analogy works.

1) Just set your 'home' box to a random 'workgroup' in the network
setup - you are not going to use it anyway.

2) Get your smb box running.

3) Map a network drive in windows, and use the IP for the smb box.  I
have NEVER had a 'workgroup' function correctly.  Boxes all wired on
the same 100-T switch, and they still can't see eachother?  Amazing.
Just use the IP adress (i.e. \\\mysmbshare) to map the
drive and you will never have a problem.  Oh, and as you are on a fbsd
box, I assume the capitalization of 'mysmbshare' must be correct,
although samba might 'fix' that for you.  I just followed the
instructions in the handbook and, and had things working in
an hour or two.


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