freebsd installation server (nfs/ftp/http) local network

Anuj Singh anujhere at
Mon Apr 30 07:01:09 UTC 2007

it is not on a public network, all i am trying to know how to do it, I do
the same method for installing linux os, I exported FreeBSD6.2 ISO images
via nfs. it didn't worked. Do I need to extract the files? to install
freebsd via nfs, or ftp or http over a local network.
anugunj anuj

On 4/29/07, Garrett Cooper <youshi10 at> wrote:
> anujgunj anuj singh wrote:
> > Hiee,
> > I have ISO images on network pc, I want to perform a network
> > installation using nfs OR ftp OR http.
> > Plus what is the best way of installation (package selection) to not to
> > switch cd's between 2 cd's.
> > regards
> > anugunj anuj
> >
> > On Sun, 2007-04-29 at 23:37 +0400, Reshmakov Roman wrote:
> >>> Hiee,
> >>> I need to create a nfs/ftp/http installation server threw which I can
> >>> install FreeBSD on other local machines. I have ISO images of
> >>> FreeBSD6.2.
> >>> How to create any or all nfs/ftp/http installation server. I went
> threw
> >>> man pages it shows me CDROM sharing network installation. I want to
> >>> install with ISO images on hard-disk.
> >>> Thanks and regards
> >>> anugunj anuj
> >> Use dump/restore and Fix-it from installation CD-ROM. I use this
> >> method and install new server over 20-30 min.
> All will equally serve the purpose of helping you install the files on
> your target machine. NFS is the least computing intensive option though
> and doesn't require additional components to be installed in order to
> use an NFS server. I would suggest not using this though if concerned
> about security issues, i.e. your machine is running on a
> unsecured/public network.
> -Garrett

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