CLI filesystem format tool

Chad Perrin perrin at
Sun Apr 29 21:53:22 UTC 2007

Is there a simple command line tool in FreeBSD for creating a filesystem
on an already extant slice?

I'm working on a system with three main slices -- ad0s1, ad0s2, and
ad0s3.  The ad0s2 slice is further split up into the default parts of a
FreeBSD install.  The ad0s1 slice is in use by another OS.  The ad0s3
slice has nothing of value on it, and I want to make it a FreeBSD-native
filesystem then mount it at /usr/home.

I've been hoping to find something akin to the Linux tool mkfs for this
purpose, but so far have come up empty.  Isn't there something that
works similarly to that?  Example:

  command /dev/ad0s3 fstype

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