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Sun Apr 29 18:58:24 UTC 2007

Graham North wrote:
> Hi CyberLeo:
> Thank you for such a full response!  - now as to my understanding..?
> Does this mean that my Samba is likely to trigger this automount if I am
> sharing files with my windows box(es)?

If one or more of your samba shares include directories within /net or
/host, then browsing those samba shares may cause the AMD to mount
filesystems. I'm not fully certain about this, though, as nothing
actually appears in /net or /host on my machine unless I access it by name.

Either way, those directories have nothing to do with samba, and only
deal with NFS. If they are not touched, they're mostly harmless--as
harmless as any daemon that can automatically mount exported NFS shares
from other machines on behalf of a non-root user...

> <snip>
> In the meantime - every send to this mailing list generates a delivery
> failure notice.  It seems that my messagages are going out but each time
> this notice comes back to me:  Have you seen it before?  (framed in
> asterisks below)
> **********************
> Hi. This is the deliver program at
> I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following
> addresses.
> This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.
> kugua065315 at
> 550 MI:SPF mx20,wKjR5bBbbQmyUTRGlc6+Pw==.1157S2 1177833906
> --- Attachment is a copy of the message.
> ********************

I receive these notifications as well. In my case, it's because I set up
the Sender Policy Framework ( on my domain, and
specified that only certain IP addresses are allowed to send mail as my
domain. Having a peek at DNS, it appears your ISP has done the same.

However, the FreeBSD list server rebroadcasts my mail, from me, but from
an IP address that I haven't authorized.

This bounce is simply telling you that the message the FreeBSD list
server sent to one subscriber of the list was rejected as spam because
it didn't come from an IP address that your SPF record says that your
email address should be able to send from.

There's likely little that can be done by an end-user about this,

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