normal mount points

Ian Smith smithi at
Sun Apr 29 14:19:51 UTC 2007

On Sun, 29 Apr 2007 00:17:30 -0700 Graham North <northg at> wrote:

 > I believe that they are mount points, not directories.   I shut the 
 > server down last night until I learn more.

Mount points are directories, but whether these particular directories
have been used as mountpoints or are just (empty?) leftovers from some
process at some time might be illustrated by running 'ls -lartT /' or
'ls -la /net /host' to see in context when these were last modified,
and whether both have around the same timestamps .. maybe a clue there?

Couldn't hurt to run security/chkrootkit, though it can false positive.

As Chris said:

 > > What is the contents of these directories?


 > Just for reference a file system is mounted to a directory.  Before
 > anyone can answer your question about what these could be, some more
 > information would be very helpful, such as the contents of /net and
 > /host, the output of `mount` and the contents of /etc/fstab.
 > Hopefully then we can help further.  Thanks!
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 > Chris Slothouber (chris at -=- Mercenary Sysadmin

Cheers, Ian

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