Is FreeBSD simple enough for Novices, Will FreeBSD accept Office 98 + Publisher?

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sat Apr 28 18:27:47 UTC 2007

perryh at wrote:
>> OpenOffice in OSX still isn't that great either because there
>> still isn't a native (Aqua) build.
> I suspect the NeoOffice folks would be surprised to hear that :)

Yes >_>.. I mean that the latest and greatest version of OOo isn't 
available for Aqua native yet. It's going to take another year to port, 
as someone has claimed already.

There was a big leap in terms of functionality from 1.x vs 2.x in OOo, 
but then again considering that the OP was asking about running Office 
98 (:D..), I don't think he'd mind running the 1.x version binaries.


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