Unable to login using KDE

Andriy Babiy ABabiy at shaw.ca
Sat Apr 28 08:38:19 UTC 2007

> > I am debugging a (seemingly) KDE-related problem on a FreeBSD laptop.
> > The version of FreeBSD is 6.1-RELEASE-p10 #0. I am starting in in
> > debug mode. It is using kdm as a login screen. The corresponding line
> > in /etc/ttys is
> >
> > ttyv8 "/usr/local/bin/kdm -nodaemon" xterm on secure
> >
> > The problem is: when I type the username and password and try to login
> > it returns me to the login screen again.
> What are the contents of your ~/.xsession? Check ~/.xsession-errors as
> well.

Do you use alpha-numeric symbols only in your password? The keyboard layout 
in kde might be different, so the same keys can generate different input. 
Try something simple and see if it works.


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