limited shell access

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sat Apr 28 05:37:45 UTC 2007

kalin mintchev wrote:
>> hi all..
>> is it possible to limit access for certain users only to a certain
>> directory tree - other then his/her home directory?
> so...  can i do that or not?
>> for example joe logs into his home directory where there is a symbolic
>> link to some other directory on the system but he can not go up a level
>> (to /home or / ) or anywhere else but home and the directory under the
>> symlink...
>> i looked at the ssh and sshd confs but apparently nothing there...  still
>> looking...
>> thanks....

Yes, things like this can be done, but it involves a) making jails, b) 
limiting (limit.conf(8)) accounts, and c) setting up proper permissions 
so the user can write to all of the required files in their directory 
(.profile, .ssh/, etc at least). A lot of work if you ask me ... :).


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