No SMB/Samba support on Windows Home Editions

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Fri Apr 27 23:35:12 UTC 2007

--- "GARRISON, TRAVIS J." <garrisot at> wrote:
> Windows Home editions cannot join an Active
> Directory domain, but they
> can access smb shares.
That's good news. Thanks! Now I just need to figure
out what to do to make it work.

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> Subject: No SMB/Samba support on Windows Home
> Editions
> I've been working feverishly to set up a Samba share
> on FreeBSD 6.2 server to provide file storage for
> clients running Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista
> Home
> Premium.
> I just had a long talk with the ISP's tech support,
> and was told a number of things that I would like to
> confirm or deny:
> 1) Windows "Home" editions (including XP and Vista)
> have support for SMB protocol disabled in Active
> Directory Domain Connections functionality! 
> Is this true?
> 2) The only way to make Samba work for Windows Home
> editions is to change the Samba server's domain
> configuration to "peer-to-peer". 
> Is this true? If YES, how do I do that?
> Could not find reference it in the Official Samba-3
> HOW TO and Reference Guide.
> 3) Other options discussed:
> 1) Replace Vista Home with Windows XP Pro (or Vista
> Pro) or exchange computer for one with a "Pro"
> edition.
> 2) Repartition the RAID 1 Mirror/Duplex as NTFS (or
> DOS) partitions (and don't use Samba)? Feedback and
> reference on a good "how to" appreciated.
> 3) Change FreeBSD server to a Windows server (ugh).
> Can anyone address these assertions and/or provide
> assistance in other ways to use FreeBSD as a
> fileserver for Windows "Home" (and Pro) clients?
> He also cited a recent InfoWorld survey in which 30%
> of companies responding plan to never implement
> Vista,
> that they consider it an "interim" version that will
> be used as an excuse for dropping legacy support.
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