annoying problems after upgrading to 6.2-RELEASE

Scott Bennett bennett at
Fri Apr 27 04:30:45 UTC 2007

     On Thu, 26 Apr 2007 23:13:40 -0400 Kris Kennaway <kris at>

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>On Thu, Apr 26, 2007 at 08:51:50PM -0500, Scott Bennett wrote:
>>      I've encountered three annoying problems since doing the upgrade from
>> 6.1-RELEASE to 6.2-RELEASE using the upgrade option when booting from the
>> installation CD.  This is on a Dell Inspiron XPS (3.4 GHz P4 w/HTT enabled
>> and 1 GB of memory).
>> 	1) The ports and packages subsystems are as fragile as ever (no big
>> 	   surprise).  I was able to add packages for less than a day before
>> 	   it broke.  Sometimes I can still add or delete a package, but
>> 	   in at least one case, I can't because pkg_add says that an earlier
>> 	   version of the package is already installed, while an attempt to
>> 	   remove the earlier version using pkg_delete gets a message saying
>> 	   that no such package is installed.  Apparently, pkg_add and
>> 	   pkg_delete do not refer to the same indicators of whether a
>> 	   particular package is actually installed.  Attempting to build ports
>> 	   fails while trying to build dependency ports, which was what led
>> 	   to attempt to remove libtool and then add the newer version.  I'll
>> 	   try to get a PR together and submitted soon.
>It is recommended to use an upgrade tool like portupgrade instead of
>trying to use pkg_add/pkg_delete "by hand".  It is too easy to misuse

     portinstall/portupgrade had failed to install/upgrade certain ports or
packages to satisfy the dependencies in the ports I was trying to install or
upgrade.  I really did want to install or upgrade several ports, and so I had
begun attempting to install the required (or later) versions of the
prerequisites as packages in order to get around the build failures.

>them and leave your system in an inconsistent state, as yours
>apparently has become.

     That sounds to me like an attempt to skate past my observation that
"Apparently, pkg_add and pkg_delete do not refer to the same indicators of
whether a particular package is actually installed."
     BTW, it is recommended that plain, ASCII text be posted to mailing
lists, so as not to send lots of garbage to people who may or may not be
using MIME-oriented mail interfaces or using MIME-oriented mail interfaces
whose version of MIME is incapatible with that of the sender's mail interface.
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