ftp chroot directory structure

Ray ray at stilltech.net
Fri Apr 27 04:03:09 UTC 2007

On Thursday 26 April 2007 9:12 pm, Ray wrote:
> Hello,
> I am setting up a new web server that must host data from an existing
> webserver. We've never had an organized folder structure for private data,
> (passwords, secure data, etc) and I'm trying to change that.
> there are currently a number of virtual sites all handled through apache
> virtualhosts. all (or at least most) users must have ftp access.
> my original thought was this:
> apache/priv_data/domain1
> apache/pub_data/domain1
> where
> apache/priv_data/domain1
> contains a soft link to
> apache/pub_data/domain1
> and the ftpchroot is
> apache/pri_data/domain1
> this doesn't work like I wanted it to. I can't follow the link with an ftp
> client. 

after posting, I decided I'm going to do it this way, and hope the other 
developers didn't cheat too bad. I think this is the right way.

> obviously the best solution would be 
> apache/priv_data/domain1
> which contains
> apache/data/domain1/pub_data
> with domain1 as the ftp root
> and pub_data as the http root,
> but I'm not the developer of all the sites, and I don't want to have to
> trouble shoot other peoples possibly incorrectly written sites (hard coded
> path structures)
> What can you suggest as my best solution?
> Thanks
> Ray
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